1. Easily generate the bills for thousands of members on monthly / quarterly / yearly or as-needed basis in few seconds

2. Ability to add, delete, re-arrange various items in the bill

Income & Expenses Management

1. Ability to configure bank, cash accounts

2. Easily create Income/Receipt entries for various payments types for members as well as non-members

Inventory & Asset Management

1. Facility to add, adjust and delete of various assets and their prices

2. Bulk upload facility for the society Inventory and Asset

User Management

1. New users creation with bulk upload facility

2. Email notification to added homeowners

3. Members activation and deactivation facility

Authorizations Management

1. Standard roles available are user, admin, vendor, security teams

2. Ability to create role for members as per their responsibilities to restrict admin access for certain members

Contacts Management

1. Manage the contacts of managing committee with address, phone Numbers, photos

2. Manage the society staff with address, phone Numbers, photos

Notice & Reminder Management

1. Online Notice creation and circulation among the homeowners via email / sms

2. Circulation of important updates to the selected members

Service Requests

1. Online complaint register for Members with ability to create various types of Service Requests

2. Register member’s query / complaint

Visitor Management (with Mobile App #)

1. Online registration of guests

2. Recording of important information like Name, Address, Mobile, Photograph and vehicle details

Financial Accounting

1. Pre-configured accounting heads as Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses

2. Facility to configure various groups for Income and Expenses within these Heads with standard groups pre-configured