Housing ERP
why Housing-ERP ?

HOUSING ERP brings to the best accounting software for property management that lets you manage all your tricky accounting issues. Besides listing and tracking renters or buyers, another reason because of which it is considered as the best accounting software for property management is because it helps you to manage your income, expenses and various other accounting particulars as well. It relieves you from all those laborious calculations and provides you the accounting details you need. Getting you to choose the best deals out of the owners and renters details list prepared by our property management software. We bring to you the whole package of services, ranging from your properties asset management to your accounting solutions. The accounting software for property management is an online software designed for resolving all your property related finances. This saves a lot of your time and energy. As a result the owner can make a happy and hassle-free transaction without excessive and unnecessary costs being paid to the third-party.

Our products facilitate you to maintain your accounts and organise all the society events effectively. Our software’s are all the more useful as it helps you reduce your paper work and calculation. It makes the entire task effortless and lets you enjoy every bit of your dream home, your dream society by providing various society management and maintenance software’s. That being the case, HOUSING ERP takes care of maintaining details regarding you assets, inventories, purchases, income and expenses. At the same time is also assists you in organising and carrying out various meetings, plans, events and activities that are to be held in the society. Following are the services with respect to housing society management, provided by HOUSING ERP:

Housing society management software: the housing society management software takes care of all your concerns regarding organising and planning you events and activities. Hence, our housing society management software works as your best assistant.

Society maintenance software: once all you plans and meetings are done with, our society management software takes care that all the required resources are available. Hence, our society maintenance software keeps track and reminds you regarding all the required supplies.

Housing society accounting software: one’s the planning and supplies are done, our housing society accounting software takes care of all the income and expenses incurred by the society.

To execute a systematic and unreserved discussion, the society manager software presents the Discussion & poll service to get society updates. Because of the systematic and accessible or unreserved management system provided by our society manager software, the members of the society get a better understanding of the society’s affairs. This systematic and accessible form of management system encourages every member of the society to participate and support every society event.