What is use of Housing ERP portal?

HousingERP is online ERP software which takes care of all society relevant issues like user management, Finance management, Purchase management , Asset and Inventory management via this portal effectively and efficiently. We believe that this will increase the transparency among the society members and smoothen the society operations

           How do we register our society ?

You need to fill the form maintain under contact us tab.Once you submit the request , soon our support team of Housing ERP would reach out to you to set up your society in our portal.

           Our society formation is yet to complete so whether we can join in that case?

Yes Of course. Even though the society formation is not done , society members always have some issues and quires and to resolve those ,we believe HousingERP is best platform to deal with

           Whether our society data remain secured on Housing ERP?

Off course yes. Housing ERP uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) technology to encrypt the entire transmission of data between your browser and our server. These security is as per industry standard.In addition to that , we have strict user access control in place therefor information is only visible to the members of your community and not other users of housing ERP. We have also implemented authorization management where the individual user get the access as per their role.

           How finance will take care in Housing ERP?

We have implemented finance management module in HousingERP which will take care all your finance related issues and also sub modules like society expenses, incomes, general ledger and sub ledger, Bank and cash accounts to increase the visibility in the society in terms of finance.

           How Housing ERP supports once its implemented in the society?

In support HousingERP will take of following activitis
1. Initial data upload of the society.
2. Train the user and admin of the society.
3. Providing the external support to the societies for data maintenance if require on the basis of term and conditions.

           If we decide to stop Housing ERP due to some reasons whether money will refund back to us?

Yes, the money you have paid will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for unused period. For example, If you decide to stop after 6 months , we will refund money of the rest 6 months as we charge on yearly basis.

           What kind of accounting services provided by Housing ERP?

It has been observed that accounting management is one of the critical and key part of each society. Considering all those complex scenarios, HousingERP will provide accountanting professionals who will take care of all accounting relevant activites of your society.

           Can we outsource our accounting services to Housing ERP?

Yes, as mention earlier, you can outsource all your accounting relevant activities with us. HousingERP will provide you web portal as well as accounting professionals for the accounting management who will take care of it. This will surely help to reduce the efforts among the society members and smoothen the operations in the society.