Housing ERP

Apart from housing society, building and property management software’s, HOUSING ERP has also created various customised software’s for apartments. Not only societies but an increase in number of apartments has also been observed in the past years. With increasing needs and facilities, a need to keep a check on the management and proper accounting of the apartment is felt. Therefore, we bring you the perfect apartment management software solutions that assist the members of the society in being up-to date with all the activities and initiatives being taken towards making your apartment better. Besides that, HOUSING ERP fetch you the most efficient accounting solutions through our apartment accounting software that can take care of all the money transactions, that is, purchase, income and expenditure towards or by your apartments committee. Hence, HOUSING ERP takes care of all your apartment related worries through its apartment management software and apartment accounting software

HOUSING ERP not only gets you the best possible management and accounting solutions but also makes sure that your property in these apartments are managed properly and carefully. And so HOUSING ERP presents free landlord accounting software and rental tracking software.

Free Landlord accounting software: this free landlord accounting software solutions assists the landlord or the owner of the apartment to dispose of you property in the most appropriate manner by enlisting or maintaining the details of the apartment help by such owner. Besides maintaining details it also takes care of the property’s accounting issues.

Rental tracking software: our expert team with an experience of 15 years in ERP (Enterprise resource planning) created this rental tracking software that is specially designed for helping both the owner and the tenants to find the perfect deal. That is, it enters the details of property, making it visible to the potential tenants looking for such property and also lets the owner know about such potential renters. The pros and cons of the apartment are identified and subsequently, our expert team tailors the required software solution for you.

Through these software’s the renting, maintaining and accounting of property becomes effortless and it also saves the excessive and irrelevant costs on the third party, making the whole transaction clutter free and seamless.

Benefits of Housing ERP
  1. Cost effective and time saving solution for managing societies day-todayoperations
  2. Available on web - reduces IT infrastructure
  3. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime ensures high availability of Housing ERP portal
  4. Hosted at world’s top hosting company
  5. Secured transactions using SSL certificates, keeps customer data private
  6. 256-bit encryption to ensure the data transferred to and from HousingERP portal is in encrypted form
  7. Protection against hijacking attacks
  8. Secures credit card numbers and other sensitive information
Accounting Solutions - Benefits
  1. Streamlining accounting procedures & policies.
  2. Leads to cost cutting Solution.
  3. Accounting with statutory compliances.
  4. Help in asset & Inventory Management.
  5. Proper Reports for timely & right decision.
  6. Helpful for internal controls.
  7. Provides visibility and tight financial controls.