about Housing ERP
why Housing-ERP ?

The HOUSING ERP software enables you to maintain your accounts and organise all the society events effectively by uniting the society members and managing society’s needs. We aim to cater societies worldwide and provide them with the best possible housing society management software. We have an expert team of 15 years of experience in the ERP (Enterprise resource planning) that helps you to manage, maintain your society and property efficiently. Following are the services provided by us:

Property management CRM software:

Listing, accounting and tracking renters or buyers is a very time taking and exhausting task. Further, it diverts your attention from other important works. HOUSING ERP helps you to focus on your business and takes care of all your property related worries. HOUSING ERP delivers you the best the best property management CRM (customer relationship management) software. The housing management software makes an automatic entry of owner’s and renter’s details to help them manage the property easily and without any exhaustion. As a result the owner can make a happy and hassle-free transaction without excessive and unnecessary costs being paid to the third-party.

Free Building management software:

HOUSING ERP makes sure that all the inventory and assets in a building are well listed and used in an optimum manner. Our team of experts are always at your service to help you manage your facilities easily. This brings transparency in every transaction and satisfies the members of the society. It also encourages the members to come out and participate in the management. And so, HOUSING ERP provides you with free building management software and free housing society management software.

Accounting systems:

The finances of every society plays a very important role, no matter what its size is. Every member expects an open and smooth financial system in their society, to help them know the use of their precious maintenance money.

Free downloads:

HOUSING ERP provides you with download of free building management software and free housing society management software. Helping you to manage your personal buildings and society’s assets, income and expenses as well.

HOUSING ERP provides the much-needed software solutions every society needs and with our love and dedication towards our customer, we assure to get the best of services available.

who we are ?

HOUSING ERP is developed by Compadre Technologies. It was founded by the group of IT professionals who are highly expertise in the ERP domain since 15 years Compadre offers a broad spectrum in Product Development Services & solutions with services such as software development, Web Development, Product Development, E-strategy Consulting, Web-Enablement Designing, Offshore Application development, and ERP Solution-SAP.


Our consultants are highly experienced people in ERP domain since 15 years and supporting worldwide accepted ERP tools since years. After experiencing and seeing the complexity of the societies work structure, Compadre Technologies built up team to develop ERP tool knmown as HousingERP which will address these society issues.


Our vision is to make one of the best and powerful ERP systems for the society’s worldwide .

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality ERP solutions that meet, and often exceed expectations, lowered costs, and faster turnaround times of societies operations. We are totally committed to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, and will achieve this by delivering first-class customer service and support .

Why choose us?

The biggest challenge lies here that, there are no or very few systems available today to manage the complexities of these housing societies. HOUSINGERP is built to address these all complexities. The ERP modules such as User Management, Finance Management, Assets and Inventory Managements, Purchase Management, HR Management, Payment and receipts, Discussion Forums, Facility booking surely helps housing societies to reduce these complexities, and improves operations.